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Stories of Success

The sponsors of the OKE Foundation have enabled many students to attend and complete their high school education.

If the exam result are very good they have a chance at a scholarship from the government.

The stories of some students who were allowed to go to university:

Donex graduated as a professor at Egerton University in Nakuru. He is now a teacher at high school AGAI (where the sponsors go to school).

Kevince has found a good job as a chef and manager. 

Mercy works as actress. Angela studied at a university in Germany and lives there now. Evans has graduated and is now a teacher at a primary school.

Albert has been given the opportunity by his sponsor to follow a nursing / obstetrician education after secondary school. He has a job at the hospital in Kisumu.

Gladys completed her education at the police academy. VincentAmina and Calvince have started their studies at the Universtity.

Gilbert and Robinson study with financial help from their families at a University in Kenya. Winny studies mathematics.

Ken studies environmental science at the Moi University in Eldoret and Geoffrey is placed at the Polytechnic at Eldoret. Hassan goes to Eldoret University.

Albert in verloskamer