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After primary school, we offer children who have no chance their family can pay for further education a scholarship. These children should be highly motivated and score high in primary school.

The primary school in Sondu may nominate up to three students each year. After examining the children at home the MES-committee advises the OKE Foundation who are eligible for a scholarship to go to secondary school.
Depending on the available funds OKE Foundation decides how many children can be sponsored.
The children and their legal representative must sign a contract that they will do their best and that they will behave well, that they will do their best after finding a job to pay back (part of) the scholarship to give other students a chance.
The repetition of a class is not permitted.

All students are medically examined periodically to find any illnesses and / or infections in an early stage so they can be treated quickly in the local clinic.

The students also have a social obligation to one another. Because it often concerns children who come from broken families, it is intended that they support each other with advice and assistance. For example, by pointing out that personal care is important, or where they can find information for school projects.
When students misbehave or get poor results we check whether a solution to the cause can be found. When the student shows no improvement he os she will receive an official warning. If there is still no improvement after that, the sponsoring will stop.

After the students have passed their high school we offer the students who have passed with good grades the opportunity to receive further education if there are funds available. The student then enters a bridging year in which they not only have to try to provide for themselves by earning money, but also to further orient their abilities and ambitions and explore possiblities for further education. If they are still very motivated after that year, we give them the ability to create a good basis for the future.