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Sponsorship of underprivileged children in secondary education

After primary school (orphaned) children have no chance to continue studying because their families can not afford it. OKE Foundation provides school fees, uniforms, books and other teaching materials in consultation with the teaching staff. They also get a hot meal a day and, if necessary, medical assistance. There is good contact with doctors and clinic staff in Sondu and the nearby polio center. The children are very motivated and working hard.






Daycare / Nursery

For infants and toddlers up to 4 years, there is generally no daycare. In 2008 a pre-school for approximately 25 toddlers was started . The predominantly single mothers will have their hands free to sell vegetables etc. on the market. The development of these infants also stimulated by including crafts, reading and playing games. The pre-school has grown into a real kindergarten called "Little Angels" because it is a big success.

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Community Health course
In 2014 a course in Community Health was completed in Kenya. This course is funded by the Eshofmarkt.

CHW groepsfoto cursus Community Health web