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OKE Foundation receives support from various individuals who feel involved and have offered their support for years. As you can see in the financial statements, about 95% goes directly to the projects in Kenya. Because Foundation OKE has ANBI status, donations are tax deductible. For more information contact us via info @ stichting-oke.nl.

To give you an idea of the costs:
The four-year secondary school costs about € 300, - per child per year (including uniform, textbooks and other teaching materials, hot meals and medical care). After that, there is a extra year because they have to wait several months for the results. After that the universities invite them for scolarship, this also takes time. The total sponsorship for one student therefore covers five years.

If you want to support us with a fixed amount, you can do so in several ways:


     Friend of Foundation OKE: at least € 9, - per quarter
     Sponsor of student: € 300, - per year
     One-time donations are very welcome. We welcome any amount, however small!

You can deposit your donation to:

IBAN: NL10INGB0003169994
Stichting OKE Heteren.



Stichting OKE is being sponsored by:

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