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OKE Foundation

Policy - outlineolifantwit


  • We have chosen a white elephant as our logo.
    A white elephant stands for: Rare, strong, caring, persevering and peaceful.


  • Create conditions for Kenyans so that they can have a better life and a better future
  • Allow children and young people whom do not have the financial means themselves (nor members of their family), to pay for such training
  • Represent the interests of the people above
  • Support local initiatives and the development of local projects
  • Transfer knowledge and provide advice and assistance to the local population on a voluntary basis, provided that this aid never will take place against their will and no compensation whatsoever is expected


  • Revenue: recruitment of sponsors and donors, selling of Kenyan made articles
  • Expenses: school fees, learning materials and uniforms students; health care students; sponsorship infant care; incidental projects
  • Management: The treasurer is responsible for the management of the assets; the Board members determine the policy herein.
  • The capital in the savings account aims to ensure a safe buffer, in case of failure of sponsoring the sponsored students are guaranteed to finish their education
  • Remuneration policy: all board members work on a voluntary basis
  • The board members enjoy no remuneration for their work. They have the right to reimbursement of expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties
  • This fee will never exceed € 200 per year. In practice, this fee has never paid out.

Public Relations:

  • At least twice a year a newsletter is published that will be sent to all the sponsors and interested parties. The newsletters are also posted on the website.


  • Cooperation with MES committee
    OKE Foundation works closely with the MES committee, our NGO partner organization in Kenya. The MES committee consists of volunteers whom give advice to the OKE Foundation and guide students
    Members of the MES committee work on a voluntary basis and receive no remuneration for their work
  • Sponsor Children
    At the end of each calendar year (after the publication of school results) primary school children are nominated to the committee by MES for sponsorship. These children have no means to pay for a secondary education and have a high scores and thus have high chances to make the finals of high school with good results. The MES committee assesses the appropriateness of the request. Depending on the available funds OKE Foundation decides how many children can be sponsored.

New Projects:

  • Starting up new projects or expanding sponsorship will be carried out only with the consent of the Board of OKE Foundation