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  • Painting by Olwery
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  • Kenya
  • Masai Kenia

Stichting OKE - OKE Foundation


OKE Foundation is an organization that consists entirely of volunteers and is working in western Kenya, in the countryside near the village Sondu.

This is one of the poorer areas of Kenya, where there is hardly any tourism. It is situated in the southwest of the country. People are dependent on agriculture, but due to heavy rainfall that can occur, the resulting flooding can cause crops to fail and (mud)houses to be severely damaged.

The goal of the OKE Foundation is to achieve a more equitable distribution of prospererity to help people have a better life and a better future. OKE Foundation is based in the Netherlands. It supports various projects through sponsorship. By supporting very poor children they can attend high school and therefore have a good chance to a better future.

Other projects that are sponsored include a kindergarten and projects to improve health care, in cooperation with local doctors.

OKE Foundation sells products in the Netherlands, purchased for a fair price in Kenya. In this way OKE Foundation tries to promote the local economy. The net proceeds will be donated to sponsoring the students.



MES committee

OKE Foundation works closely together with MES committee, the partner organization in Kenya.
MES committee consists of seven Kenyans from Sondu area, whom are well aware of the circumstances of the children and their families.
MES committee maintains close contact with schools. In consultation with Stichting OKE MES committee selects candidates who are eligible for sponsorship.

The committee members check the academic performance of the sponsored children and monitor their health. They also ensure that uniforms, books, shoes and other things that are needed to be admitted to high school are purchased.
MES committee has regular meetings. The accounts are audited by an independent auditor.


OKE Foundation also works closely with the Kenyan company Pink Ltd. which is located in Sondu.
The children of the kindergarten can play for free on the premises of Pink Ltd. Courses organized by OKE Foundation can use the facilities of Pink Ltd. at a reduced rate. Meetings for sponsored children are free.

In case of emergencies OKE Foundation calls on Pink Ltd. for support.